Dear User, join the iParkomat community!

iPARKOMAT wants to connect you with your local community through our parking space sharing website! By leasing your unused parking space to others, you allow them to make the most of their daily routine while you earn some extra money. If you are ever looking for a place to park, we can help you find a parking space that fits your lifestyle and budget, so you can enjoy your extra time instead of searching for a place to park. With the help of our user profiles and rating system, which helps you find reliable users, you can quickly and easily find reliable partners. Whether you are a host who wants to post your parking space listing or a guest searching for a new parking space, iPARKOMAT is here to help.

How  does it work?

First, both hosts and guests make a user profile. All users are verified by iPARKOMAT (this ensures that all posts are valid and not conducted by an automatic machine). After your profile has been validated you're free to post listings or shop for parking spaces to rent. Our search engines will help you specify what exactly you are looking for and when you want to rent or lease a parking space. Once your criteria has been met, we will help you set up a contract with the other user and provide you with the other users contact information. This process is fast, simple and easy!

The user reliability rating will increase when the host or guest completes a contract with another user. The user can be evaluated from 1 to 5 stars depending on cooperation with another user. We ask that users always post a review about their partner and do so fairly. We created the user reliability ranking for our users to use as a tool. This community is based on trust and we take this very seriously. A positive review is like having a personal recommendation letter and negative review(s) may be grounds for elimination from the iPARKOMAT community.

The iPARKOMATers’ community will make your life easier and help you earn extra money!